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What is a good pain reliever?



What is a good pain reliever?

This seems like a simple question, right?

A good pain reliever is one that relieves pain. 


Well, not exactly. 

There are two ways to think about the effectiveness of a pain reliever. 

The first, and simplest way to think about pain relievers is that a pain reliever should completely and quickly relieve your pain. 

So, in the case of a simple pain, such as a headache, an over-the-counter pain reliever should relieve the headache. 

End of story. 

Now for chronic pain sufferers, the story is not as simple. 


Because chronic pain sufferers may never experience 100% pain relief. 

For many chronic pain sufferers, the prescription pain relievers, even the most powerful ones, only reduce pain to the point where the sufferer is more comfortable. 

This then requires a need to balance the medication side effects versus the level of comfort achieved with a particular dose. 

So do over-the-counter and natural pain relievers still play a role?

You bet!

Pain relievers such as Rock Sauce, BioFreeze, and Sombra are great supplements to the prescription pain relievers. 

Their role is to add to the pain relief provided by the prescription product. 

Even better, these types of pain relievers can help sufferer reduce the number of prescription pain relievers they have to take on a daily basis. 

It may not sound like much, but that extra 10-20% of pain relief provided by an Elmore Oil or a Traumeel can make the difference between having a side effect and not having one. 

Our advice

If you are on a chronic pain reliever, then we strongly urge you to experiment with some of the products we mention here. 

Unfortunately, it's challenging to recommend one product over another because we all react differently to them. 

Fortunately, they are inexpensive. So the key is to try them for 2-3 weeks each. 

If you can reduce the number of pain pills while using one of these products, then great! 

You've found a good winning formula for you. 

Stick with it, and you'll continue to experience pain relief while reducing your risk of experiencing prescription drug side effects.