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We're not a supermarket

If you want a supermarket, then WisdomAndHealth is not for you...

Can you trust that the over-the-counter product you just bought in the supermarket will work for you? 

Well, not really. 

By trust we mean "Has this product been demonstrated to perform as noted on the label?"

The fact is that many of the products sold for pain, hemorrhoids, cough and cold, sleep, and many others are based on active ingredients that are decades old.

For example, Preparation H was originally developed as a sunburn healer nearly 90 years ago! 

Are the sleep aids designed for sleep?


They’re actually antihistamines that happen to cause drowsiness. And so it goes. 

For many of these product categories, there has been precious little innovation or evidence that they work. In fact, many of the “new” products we see advertised on television or in our Sunday flyers are the same as the old ones, just repackaged slightly differently, or combined in a slightly different way, or perhaps flavored a little differently.  

Let’s be clear...we’re not talking about product quality here. The Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission have very strict rules and processes to make sure that the products on the shelves are manufactured to extremely high standards. I would certainly feel comfortable taking an over-the-counter product that I bought in any supermarket or pharmacy. 

But will it work? More importantly, what evidence is there that it will probably work for me? 

That's the question.

More in our next note…. 

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Do nutraceuticals really work? Or, are they all hype? 

Previously, we talked about the over-the-counter products you find in your supermarket aisles. Many of these products are perfectly fine, and are very safe. But what happens when these products don’t work?

What are your options? 

One option is to turn to natural products and nutraceuticals available through the Internet. But, let’s face it, there are hundreds of natural products being sold on the Internet with outlandish claims. Just do a search for “hair growth” or “weight loss” and you’ll see what we mean. 

How can you cut through the noise to find products that really work? 

More on this question later. 

These products present a slightly different problem in terms of quality.

It is relatively easy for a company to manufacture and sell all sorts of vitamins, minerals, and supplements. If there is a problem, the FDA and the FTC might learn about it after the fact, but not before the product is launched on the market!  

We don’t blame you for doubting the claims you read on the Internet. We share your doubts! 

But, we also know that there are a lot of really good nutraceutical and dietary supplement products available that are backed by clinical studies performed in people, not just mice. In fact, that’s where we come in. 

I’m Carlos Velez, the Owner of WisdomAndHealth.com. My educational background is in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science. I say this not to toot my own horn, but to demonstrate, in part, that we are qualified to cut through the noise and unfounded claims in order to find the best products for pain, sleep, and other conditions. 

In fact, we spend a great deal of our time searching for really good products. If we feel comfortable with the data, and if we are willing to use the product ourselves, then we'll put it on our site. If not, we won't. Period. 

Importantly, we do not sell any products under our own private label. So we’re not biased, like other online stores that private label. If we sell one product, and we find a better one, we’ll make the switch (and tell you WHY we made the switch). Or, we'll offer both products. Either way, we'll make these decisions based on the performance of the products, not economics. 

Over the next few emails, you’ll receive information on examples of products that we carry that fulfill our stringent criteria. 

We won’t promise miracle cures, nor will we promise that our products will be the cheapest around. But, what we can promise is that everything that we carry will be high quality, safe, and with claims that are supported by real evidence. 


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Looking for a better way to treat pain?


In this note, we discuss the first of three examples of products that we have carefully researched and that we are quite proud to make available to you. 

Traumeel is a pain reliever which has been available in Europe for over 60 years. 

Traumeel can be used for the temporary relief of muscle pain, joint pain, sports injuries, and other minor pain. 

Why do we like it? 

We have four reasons:

First, the blend of ingredients in Traumeel work together at multiple points along the chain of biological events that cause pain. This is quite different from single-ingredient, over-the-counter products that contain potentially dangerous drugs like ibuprofen or naproxen. 

Second, it comes in pill form, which is obviously very convenient. There are ointment and gel forms of Traumeel available, but the oral pill form is the one we like the best. We have other gels for pain, and we’ll talk about those in upcoming notes. 

Third, there are a number of clinical trials demonstrating that Traumeel can work to treat mild pain (check our website for details). 

Fourth, it’s an all natural, drug-free approach to treating pain. Importantly, these ingredients have been carefully thought out and studied. There is a specific reason why each ingredient is in there, versus some other natural herbal products that are seemingly thrown together without rhyme or reason (or evidence!) 

We like Traumeel for the reasons noted above. But, we’re not against finding a better product to treat pain! So if we find something better, we’ll let you know and offer both. 

Is Traumeel right for you? Give it a try and see. You have nothing to lose...but the pain! 


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It’s unpleasant, it’s painful, it’s hemorrhoids

Let’s be honest...hemorrhoids are neither pleasant to experience nor talk about. However, ask an airline pilot, a long haul truck driver, or any one who spends a lot of time in a seated position. Hemorrhoids can cause pain, discomfort, loss of focus and concentration. 

Worse still, they are very difficult to treat, let alone eliminate. 

Enter Tush MD

Several of you have asked us, “How did you find Tush MD?”

Our experience with Tush MD started very simply.

We already sell many donut pillows and cushions. These cushions have several uses, but hemorrhoids is probably the most common reason folks buy them. 

Donut cushions help remove the direct physical pressure that sitting can place on the hemorrhoidal area. These are especially good for folks who are suffering from hemorrhoids and who have to spend a great deal of time in a seated position.  

We realize that to really treat hemorrhoids, a donut cushion is rarely enough. We also recognized that supermarket treatments work to soothe the affected area, but they only work for a short period of time. Plus, they are messy and invonvenient to use. Lastly, they are based on ideas and drugs and formulas that are literally decades old.

Thus, we wanted something better that would compliment our donut pillows. 

But what?

As we researched different products, we found several types of products:


  • Blends of 4, 5, 6 or more ingredients with minimal logic behind them, and certainly without clinical data, or
  • Topical products containing witch hazel, which is already found in cheap, supermarket products, or
  • Expensive eBooks that supposedly provided “home remedies” to “cure” hemorrhoids. 

In our next note, we’ll delve into more detail on how we found Tush MD, and why we think it’s a terrific product. 

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Why do we like Tush MD so much?

Tush MD was developed by Dr. Joseph Thorton, an eminent proctologist at the School of Medicine of the University of Nevada. He too was frustrated with the lack of good options to treat hemorrhoids. 

What he developed runs counter to what is out in the market today:


  • He kept the formula simple, with only 3 active ingredients; 
  • The ingredients were carefully chosen, since they are already known to help with constipation and hemorrhoids;
  • He developed an oral tablet form, delivering these medicines directly to where they are needed;
  • He realized that an oral tablet might eliminate the need to use messy, inconvenient creams and wipes. 


Our web site provides more details on the ingredients and the logic behind their inclusion. 

What convinced us?

Simple. We talked to people who use it. Then, we tried it ourselves...and it worked!  

Actually, I’m still using it, taking one tablet a day for maintenance. Suffice to say that I’m much more comfortable, and I stay comfortable all day. It’s a great compliment to my 18 inch plain convoluted donut cushion. With a cost of ~$1 a day, Tush MD is well worth it. 

As we said previously, if we find a better oral product, we’ll make that available. We have no bias one way or another. In fact, we’re still looking for a good topical product to help treat the “flares” that may occur. But, if you start taking Tush MD, you may find that the need for these gels and creams may disappear. 

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Chillin’ the pain

Menthol has been used as a topical pain reliever for decades. But more recently, scientists have finally begun to understand how menthol works to reduce pain. 

The trick with menthol is getting enough through the skin to the affected nerves. However, the good folks at BioFreeze have come up with the ingredients necessary to “drive” the menthol deep into the skin, providing the pain relief so many of us need. 

We’ll be the first to admit that there are many other brands of pain relievers that contain menthol. Indeed, we carry a few others, such as Sombra and Salonpas. 

In fact, Sombra is a good alternative for folks who may not like the stronger scent of BioFreeze. We’ve heard from more than a few of you that you like to carry both BioFreeze and Sombra roll ons (BioFreeze for home and Sombra for the office). 

We recently wrote a Guide to help you select the right pain reliever. It’s a complex decision, usually requiring a lot of trial an error before settling on the right product. This is why we offer multiple topical pain relievers, recognizing that no single “miracle” pain reliever will help everyone.

But, when you hit a certain age, and the aches and pains start to become more noticeable, BioFreeze is a very safe, effective topical pain reliever for back pain, joint pain, and other types of pain.

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The end is the beginning


Thank you for reading these short notes! 

We discussed our philosophy towards product selection. We also highlighted a few of the brands we carry, Traumeel, Tush MD, and BioFreeze...products that we are proud to offer to you. 

We won't promise that these products will perform medical miracles for you. In fact, we’re trying to find products that are better than the ones we currently carry. However, whether you're dealing with chronic pain, lower intestinal discomforts, having trouble sleeping, deaing with back pain, or are looking for ways to stay fit while on the road, WisdomAndHealth.com has a carefully chosen selection of products to help with these ailments. 

Still not convinced? Call us at let’s talk about it.

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