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Traumeel All Natural Pain Relief

Attention: Are you concerned about powerful prescription pain relievers and their side effects?



Dear Users of Pain Relievers, 

We're huge fans of BioFreeze, your favorite gel pain reliever for minor aches and pains. 

But what do you do when you need a bit more pain relief? 

Or when you want to take an oral pain reliever for more general pain relief? 

Or when you’re looking for an all-natural pain reliever?

Traumeel is a pain reliever which has been available in Europe for over 60 years. Traumeel Tablets

Traumeel can be used for the temporary relief of muscle pain, joint pain, sports injuries, and other minor pain.      

Why do we like it? 

We have six reasons:

1. The blend of all-natural ingredients in Traumeel work together at multiple points along the chain of biological events that cause pain. This is quite different from single-ingredient, over-the-counter products that contain potentially dangerous drugs like ibuprofen or naproxen. 

2. It comes in pill form, which is obviously very convenient. There are also ointment and gel forms of Traumeel available, but the oral pill form is the one we like the best. 

3. There are a number of clinical trials demonstrating that Traumeel can work to treat mild pain.    pain-reliver-german-olympic.jpg

4. It’s an all natural, drug-free approach to treating pain. 

5. These ingredients have been carefully thought out and studied. There is a specific reason why each ingredient is in there, versus some other natural herbal products that are seemingly thrown together without rhyme or reason (or evidence!)

6. It’s safe enough for use in children (the dosage for children is right on the label)

Is Traumeel right for you?

Give it a try and see. You have nothing to lose...but the pain! 

Until next time....