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Skin Health

More than just a protective cover, our skin has cells to help keep us cool, to heal our wounds, and even to help us fight infection. 

But, alas, too often we ignore our skin unless there is a problem.

Further, our skin is constantly assaulted by pollution, damaging sun light, dust and dirt, and neglect. 

At WisdomAndHealth, we aim to change that.

We're creating and expanding this Skin Care section of our shop to help all of us protect our skin, and help it perform its many important functions. 

  • Bon Vital Foot Balm

    Bon Vital Foot Balm

    Do your feet hurt, even when you're not standing? Do you suffer from callouses? Bunions? Or even arthritis in the feet? Bon Vital Foot Balm may help! This formula originates from Austria, and has been available for over...

  • Bon vital shea butter

    Bon Vital Shea Butter

    Are you looking for a moisturizer that works well against scars? And that works to moisturize and soften hard, dry winter skin? Bon Vital Shea Butter is the answer! What is Shea Butter? The English word "shea" comes...

  • Epsom It arthritis lotion

    Epsom Salt Lotion

    Looking for a moisturizer that also helps reduce pain? Epsom salt lotion...why didn't I think of that?    Epsom It Body Rub is a pain relieving epsom salt lotion.      This means you can provide...

  • ProOxy Acne During Pregancy

    ProOxy Acne Treatment
    $79.95 $59.95

    We regret that ProOxy is unavailable due to a manufacturer shortage. If you are interested in this product, send us an email to sales@wisdomandhealth.com, and we will notify you when our new shipment arrives.  Acne.....