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Sciatica Care Products

If you read our article, you know that sciatica is not an easy problem to deal with.

Here are some recommendations based on your symptoms and your goals.

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I need...


 ...we recommend.



To stretch my lower back and upper legs to maintain flexibility and ease the pressure off the nerve.


CoreStretch Core Body Exerciser 

CoreStretch Exerciser



A pain reliever which I can apply 3 or 4 times a day when I need fast relief. 


Reliaderm pain reliever for scatica 

Reliaderm Roll On Pain Reliever


A pain reliever that I can apply once and have it last for hours, without the worry of stomach side effects.


Imbue Pain Patches 


Imbue Pain Patches


A source of comfortable heat that won't dry out my skin.




TheraTherm Moist Heating Pad


A gentle way to isolate and exercise the piriformis muscle.


Roller for sciatica 




The pain keeps me up at night.

I need more sleep!



Try a water pillow

I need to fight the inflammation in my nerves and lower back that's causing my sciatica.



Longvida RD