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ProBack Back Support Tips


Congratulations on your recent purchase of a ProBack Lower Back Support!          Proback lower back support

We think this is the best back support available, and you'll soon find out why after you start using it. 

The ProBack is a unique lower back pain brace that uses a BioDome to focus pain-relieving pressure right where it's needed. 

So you're on your way to experiencing relief from lower back muscle pain, pulls, and strains! 

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your ProBack:

First, try to "aim" the BioDome to apply pressure right where it hurts. In some cases, it might feel better to have the BioDome slightly off center. 

For example, if the pain tends to be in the lower left area of your lumbar region, then set up the ProBack so that the BioDome is focused on that area. 

In the picture, you'll notice that this fellow has the ProBack slight off center. For him, the BioDome is slightly to the left of center on his back. This is fine if that's where it hurts the most. 

Experiment a bit until you find the spot that's just right for you. 

Second, try to avoid wearing the ProBack over thick layers of clothing. The ProBack works best if there is only a single layer of clothing between it and your body.

For men, this means wearing the ProBack over your t-shirt, then wearing your dress shirt over that. Ladies, please follow the same guideline. 

Too many layers will interfere with the BioDome's ability to apply focused pressure. 

Third, the ProBack is an excellent preventative.

Try putting it on prior to activities which cause lower back pain, such as driving to work, or playing golf. Some of you might benefit from having two ProBack supports: one for the commute and office, and another one for home use. 

Fourth, try to find the right balance between pressure and comfort. Having a loose Proback means that it cannot apply the pressure where it's needed. Conversely, having the ProBack too tight may make it uncomfortable.

Keep adjusting the straps until you find the right balance and comfort level for you. 

Fifth, don't be afraid to keep using those back pain patches, like Imbue!

The combination of a ProBack and a back pain patch can be a great way to gain relief from lower back pain without dangerous prescription drugs. 

We're pleased to make the ProBack available. We searched and evalauted a number of lower back pain support belts, and the Pro Back was by far the best one we found. It's unique design will provide years of back pain relief. 

We hope these tips help you get the most out of your ProBack. And please, share your pain free stories with us!