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  • Back Pain Treatment with the Proback back Brace
  • The Proback is simple to use
  • Proback is perfect for back spasms, and is a great alternative to over the counter muscle relaxers and prescriptions muscle relaxers

Proback Back Brace

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Is this the best lumbar back brace available?

Perhaps you're already taking prescription pain killers, but you're looking for a way to reduce or even eliminate them entirely?

What if you had a simple, safe, easy-to-use way to relieve lower back pain, while maintaining full mobility?


Back pain is an incredibly common problem in the US. 

A recent survey showed that over 80% of Americans will have some back pain at any given point.


Nearly 3 out of 4 Americans turn to over the counter or prescription medications, such as pain killers and over the counter muscle relaxers, to relieve this pain. 

That’s way too much medication being used, in our opinion.

What if you had a simple, drug-free back pain treatment to Proback muscle spasm reliever

  • Relieve lumbar back pain
  • Relieve lower back strain
  • Relieve a painful knot in the back
  • Relieve muscle spasms
  • Restore and promote proper spinal mechanics
  • Improve you posture
  • Relax tight, strained lower back muscles


Introducing...the ProBack Back Brace...a unique lower back brace that does all of these things, and more! 


Unlike cheap lumbar back braces that look like giant rubber bands and don't do much, the ProBack Back Brace is quite different.

The ProBack has a counter-force design, meaning that the brace provides pressure from both the front and the back.

Proback BioBack BioDome counter-force-design.jpg
The ProBack has a unique BioDome which applies focused pressure on the lower back... ...thanks to the unique counter-force design. So the ProBack works like no other brace!


The ProBack uses a unique BioDome which focuses the pressure right where it’s needed.

This pressure helps relax muscles and relieve pain...without resorting to dangerous prescription pain relievers or an over the counter muscle relaxer.

The ProBack should be worn underneath your clothes while you travel, work, or exercise.

It is lightweight (only 7 ounces), compact, and will not restrict your range of motion. 

So go ahead and wear it under your favorite shirt or sweater. Nobody but you will know it's there!

The ProBack is fully adjustable, and accommodates waist sizes up to 50 inches.

Watch our video to learn more!


Clinically Proven

Clinical studies demonstrate that the ProBack results in:

  • 78% of users reporting pain relief
  • 73% reporting pain prevention
  • Nearly 10% report a reduction in opioid pain killer use


The ProBack is perfect for: back spasm brace

  • Office workers who spend a great deal of time in a chair
  • Commuters, especially those who have to sit on uncomfortable, rigid train seats
  • Frequent flyers - the ProBack is made from durable plastic and nylon, so airport security is not a problem
  • Anyone who suffers from lower back pain and is looking for an alternative treatment


Order Now

Now, for a limited time, we’re offering the ProBack at a specially reduced price of $59.99.

That’s over $30 off the retail price you see in other stores.

Plus, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US!


Do yourself a favor...try the ProBack back brace.

It’s safe, simple, and it works.


Even if the only benefit is a reduction in your medications, then you’ve reaped a tremendous benefit from using this device.


Life is too short to let back pain stop you from living your life the way you want to.

Order your ProBack at this special price today!


Play golf with the ProBack Garden with the ProBack Be yourself again with the ProBack
Golf... ...garden... ...be a Grandpa!



Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take before the ProBack starts working?

You should start feeling relief almost immediately. It really depends on the pressure applied and the location. But once you have it, you should start feeling those back muscles loosen up fairly quickly.

Does the ProBack have any drugs?

No. The ProBack is a back brace made from durable plastic and nylon. The brace has no drugs, electronics  or anything else other than a great design that actually works!

Can I use ProBack with my prescription drugs?

Yes, absolutely. The ProBack will not interfere in any way with any prescription or over the counter muscle relaxants, pain killers, patches, or topical pain relievers.

In fact, you may find that the combination of a ProBack along with a good back pain patch can help you reduce the amount of prescription pain killer you need.

Why is it so expensive?

The patented ProBack is fabricated to very specific specifications. While it may look like a simple device made from plastic, years of research and manufacturing science have gone into this brace.

Has this been proven to work?

Yes. In a clinical trial, the ProBack demonstrated a 52% reduction and a 37% reduction in back muscle activity at L4 in the lumbar region of the back, compared to not wearing a ProBack.

Do I need to wear it all day?

No, but you certainly can.

How tight should the brace be?

It should be snug enough to apply pressure to your lower back, but not so tight that you feel uncomfortable, or have difficulty breathing. You may need to make slight adjustments during the course of the day.

How will I know if it’s working?

You’ll notice the difference after using it for a few weeks, especially if you stop using it and the back pain returns!

How much does it weigh?

The Proback weighs 7 ounces. So it’s very light. After a while, you won’t notice it is in place.

Can I play golf with it on?

Golf. Bowl. Run. The ProBack will not interfere with your normal physical activities. It can get wet, but we recommend removing the ProBack before showering, bathing, or swimming. If it does get wet, simply let it air dry.

Warranty Information

The ProBack comes with a One (1) Year Normal Use Warranty against defects. Should a defect happen please return your ProBack and Proof of Purchase to WisdomAndHealth.com for a free replacement.

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