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Pillows For Sleeping




Having trouble sleeping due to a stiff neck, neck pain, or neck and shoulder pain?


Pillows are important for a good night's sleep.

They are also a safe, drug-free way to deal with neck pain, neck and shoulder pain, stiff neck, pinched nerve in neck, and even migraine headaches.

Plus, once you've made the investment in a good pillow, you will want to take it with you on your travels.

Fortunately, this has never been easier.

Travel-sized air, water, and foam pillows are available, making it easy to carry your pillow wherever you go.


Also, a new pillow is much much cheaper than a new mattress!


Why spend hundreds of dollars on a new mattress that might not be what you need?

Try a fully adjustable comfortable pillow instead.

You'll save a lot of money, and you'll sleep much much better. 

But what kind of pillow is best for you?


Choosing the right pillow is a very personal decision, as it depends on many factors.

If you completely undecided, we generally recommend a pillow that can be inflated with air, or a pillow that can be filled with water.

Both air pillows and water pillows have the advantage of being completely adjustable. Chiroflow water pillow

So after a few weeks of experimenting, you'll find a pillow firmness that is perfect for you.

Then, if you need to travel, simply grab a companion travel pillow and adjust it according to your needs.

Air pillows and water pillows also tend to be slightly softer and more pliable than foam pillows.

So if you like softer pillows, air pillows and water pillows are generally the way to go.

Foam pillows are really good for neck and shoulder pain.

Sometimes called neck pillows, foam pillows typically provide a cushion to hold the neck in its correct position while you sleep.

So if you have neck pain, and you tend to remain face up while you sleep, then a foam pillow is generally your best bet.

One drawback to foam pillows, especially memory foam pillows, is that they can be heavy, and unresponsive to your normal head movements while you sleep. 

There are also pillows designed specifically for neck pain.

The trick with these pillows is to make sure they provide support when sleeping face up and when sleeping sideways.

Do you suffer from menopause and nighttime hot flashes? 8001-comfort-zone-pillow-cover-use-hr-rgb-2011-49167.1336937056.220.220.jpg

There are pillows specially designed for menopause! 

So, don't lose sleep over selecting a good pillow, and don't waste your money on those cheap pillows that you find in the mall.

Invest in a good pillow. You will never regret it!

Still undecided?

Email us at sales@wisdomandhealth.com, or call (800) 488-1887.

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