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Lower Back Pain Relievers



Lower back pain, or lumbar pain, is an amazingly common problem.

Bad posture, bad diets, lack of exercise, trauma, and other issues can cause lower back pain. 

Nobody knows exactly how many of us suffer from lower back pain, but some estimates place this as high as 15% or more of all Americans suffering from some level of lower back pain.

And, depending on the cause, the probability of it returning within a year is nearly 90%.

So once you have it, you likely will have it for a long time...unless you deal with it...safely.

And safety is the key here. The last thing we want to do is to develop a stomach problem from the pain reliever that's meant to relieve our lower back pain. 

This is why we strongly recommend trying back supports and natural pain relievers first, and then moving to popping pills...but only if they are needed.

As always, if the pain persists, or if other symptoms are present, it may be time to check with your doctor. 

But whatever you do, remember that prescription and over-the-counter pain killers should be a last resort, and only used for a short period of time. They are not safe for long-term use. 


ProBack back support

What makes the ProBack back support so special? 

First, it has a unique design which provides pressure exactly where it is needed. 

It has a unique BioDome design that is not found in those huge rubber band-style supports. 

And, it's very light, enabling full range of motion for running, gardening, or nearly any other activity. 

Traumeel pain relief tablets from WisdomAndHealth

When we have pain, we reach for a Traumeel first.  


Because Traumeel is a safe, all natural pain reliever that's clinically proven to work just as well as certain prescription pain relievers.

And, it's safe enough to be used by both Adults and Children. 

 Imbue back pain patches from WisdomAndHealth


Imbue patches are our most popular item. They are a perfect blend of pain relievers for lower back pain. 

They're also great for knee pain, shoulder pain, anywhere where a patch can be applied. 

You can even cut them to allow greater flexibility and comfort. 

Plus, you get four patches per pack, so it's very economical. 


 TheraTherm point heating pads from WisdomAndHealth


Heating pads are a great way to provide quick pain relief, especially when back pain flares, or when you're waiting for your pain reliever to start working. 

The problem with conventional heating pads is that they can quickly dry and irritate the skin. 

A moist heating pad like our TheraTherm avoids this problem. 

And, you get the added benefit of a moist heat, which penetrates skin and muscle far better than dry heat.