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Lower Back Pain Relief Tips


Back Pain.

It seems as if every one has it in one form or another. 

While there are many causes of back pain, the options for treating it are actually limited. 

More importantly, many of the prescription pain killers used to treat back pain have a number of side effects, ranging from stomach upset and constipation, to severe drowsiness and dizziness. 

So here are a few tips and product ideas to help you treat your lower back pain:

Mild Exercise - One reason many people have back pain is because the back muscles are weak due to a lack of exercise, years of poor posture, or both. Mild exercise techniques such as yoga and Tai Chi are excellent way to keep those back muscles strong and limber.

You may also benefit from walking, depending on your level of physical fitness. As with any new exercise, start slowly, then exercise more aggressively for longer periods of time as you get used to it. 

Back Pain Patch - Medicine-containing patches are a great way to get lower back pain relief without worrying about stomach upset or other of the side effects associate with strong pain killers. Pain patches basically contain three different types of ingredients:

  • Anti-inflammatory medicine, such as methyl salicylate
  • Aromatic pain relievers, such as camphor and menthol
  • "Hot" ingredients, such as capsaicin

It's very common to have patches with one or two aromatic pain relievers, combined with methyl salicylate. A product like Imbue is a good example of this combination approach. Having a combination of medicines to help you find lower back pain relief is something that is not easily done with pain killers you take by mouth. 

So there is a clear advantage with the use of these patches versus the oral pain relievers. 

In some cases, when warmth is what you're after to relieve your back pain, then a capsaicin-containing patch is the way to go. Products like Salonpas Hot is a great option. 

Lots of back pain sufferers like to use both at different times during the day. So, for example, some people use Imbue during the day, then a Salonpas overnight. 

Wearable Back Brace - Most back braces or back supports are nothing more than large rubber bands. They really don't do much for back pain. However, the Proback back brace is quite different. It has a specially-designed "BioDome" which can be pointed directly at the site of back pain. Perhaps most importantly, the ProBack can be worn Proback Back Supportunderneath the clothing. So it's discrete. Plus it's lightweight, and can be worn while performing any number of activities, such as golf and jogging. So for lower back pain relief, a wearable back support is an excellent, drug-free option. 

Back Supports - Many of us have to spend hours in a chair. Unfortunately, even chairs with built-in back supports are not good for your back.


Because many of these built-in back supports are difficult to adjust to your specific needs. Having a back support which you can adjust to your specific needs is ideal. The best one we've found is the Air Support, which uses air to make the support as soft or as firm as you like. Plus, it's easy to strap on to just about any chair, even those with built-in lumbar supports. 

So, if you are seeking lower back pain relief, take a look at these ideas. You just might find the relief you're looking for!