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Joint Pain Relievers



Treating joint pain is slightly different than treating pain in other parts of the body.

This is because joint pain, also known as arthralgia, can be caused by a number of conditions, such as osteoarthritis.

Trauma to the joint from accidents, injuries, and overuse can also be major causes of joint pain. 

Joint pain may be a secondary result from inflammation. So long-term anti-inflammatory products can be a great way to manage joint pain and inflammation.

Here are some simple, but effective ways to treat joint pain. 

As always, if the pain persists, or if other symptoms are present, it may be time to check with your doctor. 

But whatever you do, remember that prescription and over-the-counter pain killers should be a last resort, and only used for a short period of time. They are not safe for long-term use. 



Wobenzym PS has been used for decades in Europe as a viable option for the treatment of various forms of joint pain and inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. 


Wobenzym PS is a blend of three natural ingredients, so it's incredibly safe. 


And, it's backed by extensive clinical data proving it works!

Reliaderm pain reliever gel from WisdomAndHealth

Reliaderm is a pain-relieving roll on that is perfect for providing temporary relief for joint pain. 

Simply apply Reliaderm where it hurts, and you'll experience fast, soothing relief. 

Reliaderm packs the most concentrated amount of pain relievers we've seen in any product. 

And, it's safe to use with your prescription drugs. 

 Cho-Pat Knee Compression Supports from WisdomAndHealth

Cho-Pat Knee Supports are the perfect, drug-free way to treat knee pain and inflammation.

Knee compression works by providing constant warmth to the area, soothing pain.

In addition, the gentle compression increases blood flow, which also provides joint pain relief.

And, since it's drug free, it's a safe, and very inexpensive way to treat knee pain.

Try wearing them while riding your bike, while jogging, or even while walking your dog.  

 Imbue pain patches from WisdomAndHealth

Jaxsen's is an all-natural, herbal pain relieving cream.

Jaxsen's is a blend of all-natural ingredients, such as Arnica Montana (anti-infammatory), Devil's Claw (pain reliever), and Turmeric (anti-infammatory). 

Jaxsen's also contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which are important ingredients for building joint cartilidge lost from joint diseases like osteoarthritis.