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Joint Health & Arthritis

We are pleased to offer you a growing list of select products for joint health and joint diseases. 

Hopefully by now you have read our Buyers Guide to Joint Health. If not, send us a note to sales@wisdomandhealth.com and we'll send it to you straight away.

Each product here has been carefully selected, based on solid research and customer feedback. Many of you like BioFreeze on arthritic fingers, wrists, and knees. BioFreeze roll-on is a great way to apply it directly to where it's needed, with minimal waste. 

We also have two excellent glucosamine products. Try our glucosamine sulfate if you have never tried glucosamine for your joints. Our Glucosamine + MSM Forte is a more sophiticated blend of important ingredients for joint health.

Lastly, if you are already happy with your glucosamine, consider adding bromelain to your regimen. Extracted from pineapples, bromelain has anti-inflammatory and other benefits. 

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