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  • Aromatherapy Free Report

    Aromatherapy Report

    Boy there is a lot of hype surrounding Aromatherapy! We've written a free report that briefly discusses the three different kind of aromatherapy.  We also talk about the benefit of combining massage with aromatherapy...

  • Back Saver Front Pocket Wallet

    Back Saver Front Pocket Wallet
    $35.95 $29.95

    Back pain?  Maybe it's your wallet! Congratulations on your big, thick wallet! While that wallet could be a sign of financial success, it could also be the cause of lower back pain and sciatica! Sitting on a thick...

  • Women's Blood Pressure Monitor

    Blood Pressure Monitor for Women
    $74.95 $49.95

    Frequent blood pressure monitoring is essential if you want to get this “silent killer” under control.  Aside from regular exercise and a sensible nutritional plan, daily monitoring is the most important...

  • How to treat rotator cuff

    Body Sport Shoulder Pulley
    $26.95 $17.95

    Are you looking for an inexpensive device to exercise the rotator cuff muscles and recover from a rotator cuff tear? The Body Sport Shoulder Pulley is an expensive tool to help you regain, maintain or increase shoulder...


    Bodymed Cold Compression Wraps

        The Bodymed Cold Compression line of wraps is perfect for athletes, as well as those recovering from surgery, especially rotator cuff or related surgeries.  These wraps are a great way to apply cold...

  • Bon Vital Foot Balm

    Bon Vital Foot Balm

    Do your feet hurt, even when you're not standing? Do you suffer from callouses? Bunions? Or even arthritis in the feet? Bon Vital Foot Balm may help! This formula originates from Austria, and has been available for over...