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Fibromyalgia Pain Management

Fibromyalgia Pain

Are you seeking natural pain relievers for fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a difficult condition to treat. Your choice of treatment frequently depends on your individual symptoms. 

Here are some recommendations based on your symptoms and your goals.

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...an all-natural pain reliever for widespread pain, that won't interfere with other medicines, and is safe to use, even in children?


Traumeel may be the pain reliever you're looking for. 


Traumeel is also the pain reliever of choice for many Olympic and Professional sports teams in Europe. 



Traumeel for fibromyalgia 

Traumeel Tablets


...a pain relieving patch that you can use directly on your painful fibromyalgia tender points?


Imbue patches can be cut in half, so you can apply one to each shoulder for long-lasting pain relief.


Imbue Pain Patches 


Imbue Pain Patches



...a pain reliever which you can apply 3 or 4 times a day when you need fast relief?


Some fibromyalgia patients use Sombra Warm, both as the roll on and the gel. 


With a hint of capsaicin, Sombra Warm provides warm, soothing pain relief right where you need it. 



Sombra Warm Roll On


...a heating pad that won't dry my skin?


TheraTherm is not one of those cheap heating pads you buy in the supermarket.


TheraTherm grabs moisture from the air to provide soothing warmth right where you need it. 




TheraTherm Moist Heating Pad


...a pillow to help me sleep better, with less shoulder pain?


Try a water pillow! 



Try a new water pillow