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Fibromyalgia Care Products

Fibromyalgia is a difficult condition to treat. Your choice of treatment frequently depends on your individual symptoms. 

Here are some recommendations based on your symptoms and your goals.

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I need...

 ...we recommend.


An all-natural, safe supplement to help me deal with the pain, to improve my mood, and to help me sleep better.


5-HTP for fibromyalgia 

5-HTP for Fibromyalgia


An all-natural supplement to help me sleep, that I can take at night when needed.


melatonin sublingual 

Melatonin for Fibromyalgia


A pain reliever which I can apply 3 or 4 times a day when I need fast relief. 



Sombra Warm Roll On

A pain reliever that I can apply once and have it last for hours, without the worry of stomach side effects.


Imbue Pain Patches 

Imbue Pain Patches

A source of comfortable heat that won't dry out my skin.



TheraTherm Moist Heating Pad

A Co Q10 supplement that can boost my energy, and that actually works!


Ubiquinol CO Q10 

Ubiquinol CoQ 10

The pain keeps me up at night.

I need more sleep!



Try a new water pillow