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Donut Pillows

What are donut pillows?

How can they help you deal with various painful medical conditions? 

Many of us spend hours in the seated position.

Long-term, this can cause any number of discomforts, and donut pillows are a good, inexpensive way to deal with these minor discomforts. 

Our Contoured Donut Pillows are an inexpensive way to provide immediate comfort for these types of conditions. Contoured Foam Pillows are firm, with a smooth surface. 

Alternatively, our Convoluted "egg crate" cushions are also great for certain conditions. They are a bit softer than the Contoured Foam Pillows.

If hemorrhoids or piles are an issue, try Tush MD, a safe, oral medication for the treatment of constipation, hemorrhoids, and promoting anorectal health.

Not sure which one to choose?

Watch this short video, where we explain the difference between Convoluted and Contoured Donut Pillows.