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Donut Pillow - Contoured Molded Ring Cushion

$7.99 (Fixed shipping cost)

As the name implies, this is a contoured donut-shaped pillow that is placed on the seat portion of a chair. 

Foam donut pillows offer enormous relief and comfort when sitting.

With a hole in the center of the pillow, one can sit with much less pressure in the coccyx region (the tailbone).

Donut Pillows help evenly distribute weight when seated.

People who have suffered a broken or bruised tailbone or have coccyx pain may need a foam donut pillow in order to sit more comfortably.

These donut pillows are ideal for relief from pregnancy discomfort, hemorrhoid pain, hip bursitis, prostate inflammation, and other problems caused from long term sitting or driving.

These donut pillows are made from one piece of molded, high-compression, polyurethane foam.

The cover is made of polyester/cotton blend, and is removable and washable. 

Perhaps you are having difficulty choosing between these contoured donut pillows and our convoluted donut pillows.

What's the difference?

This short video explains the difference:


Pillow Dimensions:  

Medium pillow is 16"x13"x3" with an inside opening of 7"x3". 

Large pillow is 18"x15"x3" with an inside opening of 8"x3.5"

Available in Plaid, or the ever-popular Navy 



Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best donut cushion for hemorrhoids?

Donut cushions are a terrific drug-free way to deal with the discomfort caused by both internal and external hemorrhoids. 

In general, either the convoluted or the contoured donut pillows will provide the comfort you need. 

As we say in the video, it really depends on how long you typically remain seated in a chair. 

If you're still undecided, then we recommend the convoluted donut cushion. 

It's a bit softer, and it will conform better to your particular body shape and contours. 

Are these donut cushions suitable for tailbone pain?

Tailbone pain, also known as coccydinia (coccyx pain), is usually caused by an accidental tailbone injury, like a fall. Sciatica and other conditions may also trigger tailbone pain. 

A convoluted donut cushion is an essential component for reducing the pressure on the tailbone, allowing you to sit more comfortably, with less pain. 

How long do I need to sit on a donut cushion before I experience relief?

This is a difficult question to answer, as it depends on the condition youre trying to treat, your age, weight, and so forth. 

In general, going from a "flat" chair cushion to a donut cushion will provide some relief immediately. 

This is because the donut cushion enables you to reduce the pressure that's normally on the tail bone or anal region of your buttocks. 

By reducing this pressure, you should feel more comfortable compared to sitting on a flat chair cushion. 

This is also why we recommend having two or three cushions handy. Having one in the office and one at home is the best way to always have the comfort and pain relief you're looking for. 

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  1. Unusable

    Posted by Wayne Henderson on Nov 28th 2016

    Cushion is so hard you can not sit on it for more than 10 minutes without causing pain to the outer surface of your backside. It is clear that the product is never tested by the manufacturer.

  2. hemmorrhoid/fissure relief from pain/pressure

    Posted by relieved on May 25th 2014

    This is a wonderful product to find temporary relief from pressure/pain caused by hemmorrhoids &/ fissure's.

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