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Stomach and digestion problems are increasingly common these Digestiondays. 

In fact, there are three diseases of the digestive tract which are growing at alarming rates:

Crohn's Disease & Ulcerative Colitis - Crohn's and UC are chronic inflammations of the large intestine. They largely differ by the site of the inflammation. Powerful steroids and antibody infusions are used to treat these conditions, which is why products like Longvida RD are widely used in these conditions. 

Gluten Sensitivity & Celiac Disease - Gluten sensitivity is a general term which describes a range of problems, including celiac disease, wheat allergy, and others. Gluten intolerance and celiac disease were identified in the 1940s, and treatments remain very limited. However, advancements in digestive aids and enzymes, when combined with a proper diet, have helped patients live more comfortable lives. 

Bacterial Imbalance - Our guts normally contain billions of bacteria. These bacteria perform a number of functions for our health, including digestion. Unfortunately, antibiotics and other medicines, plus poor diet, can throw our gut bacteria out of balance. This, in turn, can lead to a variety of problems. Formulas containing Prebiotics and Probiotics are essential for combating these assaults on our gastro-intestinal tracts. 

Chronic Constipation - It is estimated that over 60 million Americans suffer from Chronic Constipation (Source: NIH). While rarely debilitating or life threatening, constipation can make anyone miserable, uncomfortable, and unhappy, which leads to lost productivity at work and at home. Tush MD is by far the safest, all-natural way to deal with this problem. 


Take a look at our complete line of products for your digestive tract!

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    GI Digest

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    Longvida Curcumin Turmeric

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  • Multi-Probiotic 4000

    Multi-Probiotic 4000

    Probiotics are useless without this one critical ingredient! Let us explain... Many of us know that beneficial bacteria, also known as "probiotics," are essential for the normal health of our gastrointestinal tracts. This...