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Convoluted Donut Pillow Cushion

$7.99 (Fixed shipping cost)

If you or someone you love is suffering from hemorrhoids, tailbone injury, sciatica, or post-surgical or post-partum pain or tenderness, this convoluted foam donut cushion will provide hours of sitting relief.

Featuring one-piece, puncture-resistant convoluted foam with a removable, machine washable polyester/cotton navy cover, our ring pillow comfortably conforms to your body’s contours, giving you great support with maximum relief.

Thanks to its high-density convoluted (egg-shell type) foam, this donut seat cushion circulates air well.

Better air circulation means more comfort when you sit for long periods of time, whether at work, at home or in a vehicle or wheelchair.

Able to easily support up to 250 lbs., the high-density foam of our ring pillow will retain its shape even after repeated use while it reduces pressure point discomfort.

Is this good for sciatica?

Many of our customers buy these convoluted pillows for sciatic pain. 

This is because the donut hole disperses the weight that falls on the buttocks while seated. 

This can result in less pressure on the lower buttocks, hips, and upper thighs, alleviating the pain and pressure associated with sciatica and sciatic pain. 

But, keep in mind that no cushion will cure sciatica. Keep standing and stretching the area as often as possible. 

How big are these donut pillows?

Our Medium convoluted donut cushion measures 16" at its widest point and our Large donut seat cushion is 18" at its widest point.

For firmer support with short-term sitting, be sure to check out our contoured donut pillow or for completely adjustable support see our inflatable donut pillow.

Still not sure? Watch this short video where we explain the difference between the convoluted and contoured donut pillows:


Pillow Dimensions: 

18 inch pillow is 18" x 14" x 3" with an inside opening of 8" x 4". 
16 inch pillow is 16" x 13" x 3" with an inside opening of 7" x 3.5".

Cover is removable and washable.

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  1. Egg Crate Convoluted Pillow

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 3rd 2016

    Egg Crate foam is very soft and not at all supportive.