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Best Pain Relievers


Which is the best pain reliever?

Simple question, right?

Actually, it's not simple, since it depends on the type of pain you are trying to treat AND the location of the pain. 

So why not pop a pill and be done with it?

Because pain pills, even those available over the counter, have some major side effects. 

If you read the labels carefully, they clearly state that you should only take the lowest dose, and only for the shortest period of time. 

So why take the risk if you don't need to?

Another Problem

What do you do if you are already taking a prescription pain reliever for one thing, and you experience another kind of pain?

Say, for example, you have bursitis in your shoulder, and you are taking pain relievers for that. 

What do you do if you have a headache? Or a backache? Or knee pain?

You Have Options

Undertanding your options and customizing your treatment is the best way to safely deal with pain.

Below you will find links to different pages which focus on different kinds of pain, and provide ideas for treatment. 

muscle-pain.png Muscle Pain

 knee-joint-pain.pngJoint Pain

lower-back-pain.pngLower Back Pain

Arthritis pain treatments from WisdomAndHealth

Arthritis Pain


Exercise Pain


Headache Pain