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Back Supports

Back Supports, or Lumbar Supports

These come in many styles and price points. Which is the right one for you? We can offer you some general guidelines. But please discuss your back pain with your doctor, chiropractor, or other healthcare providor if the pain persists. 

The so called "Secretary" Lumbar Cushions are perfect for office chairs, which typically do not offer much in the way of lumbar support.

Similarly, car seats provide little in the way of lumbar support. Cushions such as our Bucketseat Sitback Rest are an inexpensive way to provide this support. 

The BetterBack Seat Support is very durable, and is our best model. Our customers frequently like this support so much that they buy a second one for the car!

Don't forget that the position of your feet is also important for maintaining good posture when seated. 

If a little warmth is desired, try our moist heating pads or Salonpas HOT patches. The Salonpas HOT patches are great because they are very flexible, and provide warmth to the lower back for hours. 

Lastly, if the pain just won't go away, try taking Traumeel

  • Back Huggar Secretary Lumbar

    Back Huggar Secretary Lumbar

    Exactly the same as the Standard model, except with vertical loops and strap to secure to steno and computer chairs. Available in Gray only...

  • Back Huggar Xtra-Wide Lumbar Cushion

    Back Huggar Xtra-Wide Lumbar Cushion

    Large size to correctly support wide lumbar regions -- 2 1/2" wider than original. Measures 16 1/2" by 13 1/2" by 4 1/2" Available in Gray only. Please note that the strap is not included with this cushion. The strap...

  • Bucket Seat Lumbar Cushion

    Bucket Seat Lumbar Cushion
    $19.99 $17.95

    Still driving one of these?   If so, you should also be using one of our Contour Lumbar Cushions for Bucket Seats. This cushion is perfect for the bucket seats of many cars, especially older, classic cars...

  • Bucket Seat Sitback Rest Deluxe

    Bucket Seat Sitback Rest Standard & Deluxe

    Like our standard Sitback Rest, the Bucketseat Sitback Rest provides back pain relief by providing ergonomic back support you are going to love! If you commute to work, the time you spend in your car can be causing or...

  • Comfort Core backrest exposed

    Comfort Core Backrest Blue

    Many of you have asked for a less expensive rigid back rest. We now have it in the Comfort Core Backrest! The Comfort Core Backrest includes a lighweight, rigid, plastic frame covered in soft, durable foam.  This...

  • Core Luniform

    Core Luniform

    Pinpoint Your Lumbar Support Right Where You Need It Most The Core Luniform is an inexpensive lumbar support that is perfect for the office.  Compact and convenient; goes anywhere. Great for auto, home or office...