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Back Support Video

Do you have lower back pain?

Are you looking for a simple, drug-free way to deal with those knots in back?

Or perhaps you're looking for the best back support for golf? 

This video can answer these questions!

By watching this video, you will learn:

  • How a lightweight belt can relieve your back pain 

  • Why you can garden, play tennis, even golf with less pain

  • Why anyone who sits in a chair, or who commutes to/from work should be wearing one of these belts
  • And more!

This short video will introduce you to a new lower back support that we love because it just works incredibly well.

After watching, check out our product page and learn more about this amazing new back brace from WisdomAndHealth. 


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Hi, everybody, this is Carlos from WisdomAndHealth.com and today we want to talk about the ProBack Back Brace. 

Now, there are a lot of back braces on the market today. What makes the ProBack such a unique product? One that we really like? This one happens to be mine. 

There are three or four things that we really like about it. 

One is that it's incredibly light. It' shade from light, but strong plastic and Velcro, and that's it. 

Because it's so light, and because the design is so simple; you don't have those big, huge rubber bands that you have to wrap around your torso. 

The ProBack is the only back brace we've seen that allows full range of motion. 

So if you want to play golf, tennis, running, no problem. It's very light. You'll hardly notice that it's there, except for the fact that you'll probably have less back pain.

So it's very light. You have full range of motion. But the third interesting thing is the back part of it. 

This is the back, and I'm just going to take the sleeve off. And on the back there is a small, concave area which is really what makes the ProBack so special. 

This is the part that you can focus on the exact same spot on your back where you're having problems. 

So if your back pain tends to be, say, right in the middle of your lower back. You can position this so it applies pressure right to that spot. 

If it happens to be a a little bit to the left or a little bit to the right, again you can position this and adjust this so it applies the pressure right where it's needed. 

Now, another tip. You shouldn't wear the ProBack over any thick clothing, like a sweater, for example. For gentlemen, for example, wear your undershirt, put the ProBack over that, and then you can put your regular dress shirt or sweater or sweatshirt over that. 

And that way you have the maximum effect from the ProBack because now it's closest to your skin without it actually touching your skin. 

It's just a great device. I have found that I like to use it in the morning for a couple of hours while I'm seated in my chair. I usually take it off around lunch time. My back feels great. And I usually don't put it on again for the rest of the day. 

I've gone jogging with this, on the treadmill and on the road. And I do the same thing. I put a t-shirt on, I put this on, then I put another shirt on over that. Nobody notices that I'm wearing it. I certainly don't notice it because it's so light. And it works great. 

Another good application is if you commute. Let's say you commute on a train every day. Put that on while you're at home. Wear it into the office. You can leave it on all day while you're at the office. Or just take it off and put it back on before you come home. 

And you'll find that you'll have less back pain and less back soreness from those uncomfortable seats on the train. 

So do check it out. It's called the ProBack, P-R-O-B-A-C-K, the ProBack back brace, and it's available right now on WisdomAndHealth.com.

Thanks a lot. Bye for now.