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Back Pain

Back Pain, especially lower back pain, is one of the most common medical complaints in the US, and is the fifth most common reason why Americans visit their doctors. 


Back pain can originate anywhere along the spinal column, from the neck down to the buttocks.

With so many of us spending hours in a chair in front of a computer, coupled with a lack of regular exercise to help strengthen our back muscles, proper posture and back care are critical in order to prevent long-term back problems. 

To prevent back pain, we carry an assortment of cushions and supports to help you maintain proper posture while seated.

When back pain does strike, our Topical Pain Reliever products, such as BioFreeze Roll On could provide fast, temporary relief. 

For continuous pain relief, especially while sitting in an office chair all day, try our new Imbue Pain Relief Patches.  

Lastly, we recently introduced the innovative ProBack back pain relief belt. This is an amazing back brace with a unique design which applies pain-relieving support right where it's needed. 

If your back pain persists, please talk to your doctor about it. He or she can recommend various exercises and other ideas to help you maintain a healthy back. 

  • Back Saver Front Pocket Wallet

    Back Saver Front Pocket Wallet
    $35.95 $29.95

    Back pain?  Maybe it's your wallet! Congratulations on your big, thick wallet! While that wallet could be a sign of financial success, it could also be the cause of lower back pain and sciatica! Sitting on a thick...

  • Inflatable Portable Backrest

    Inflatable Portable Backrest

    From a wheelchair to an automobile seat, this inflatable lumbar support will you give you just the right amount of back pillow support exactly where you need it. With a simple squeeze of the hand pump, you can adjust the...

  • Sitback Mesh Backrest Black

    Sitback Mesh Backrest Black

    This lighweight version of our popular Sitback rests is made from a strong mesh material, which maintains airflow to your back for maximum comfort in warm office environments. The side supports help keep your body...

  • Soothe-A-Ciser


    The Soothe-A-Ciser allows you to use the weight of your head as a traction system, alleviating tension headaches and neck pain by gently stretching the upper chest and neck muscles.  To use the Soothe-A-Ciser, simply...

  • TheraTherm Moist Heating Pad

    TheraTherm Moist Heating Pad

    TheraTherm is an electric moist heating pad designed for home use.  Moist heat, as opposed to dry forms of heat, draws moisture from the air and retains it in a specially designed 100% cotton cover. The retained...

  • The WiTouch is easy to apply. Simply apply the pads and stick it on. That's it!

    WiTouch Wireless TENS
    $149.00 $99.99

    He's back on the golf course.  Why aren't you? Yes, he's back on the golf course, swinging better than ever.  Why? Is it because he spent $600 on the latest titanium golf club? Nope.  It's...