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Back Pain Treatment Options


If you're like so many other Americans, your desperately looking for different options to treat back pain, especially lower back pain. Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

Patches - We love back pain patches! Their very safe, convenient, and work extremely well. Plus, these patches won't upset your stomach like ibuprofen or other pain pills can.

We carry two patches that we really like. 

The first is Imbue

Imbue contains the pain fighting properties of menthol with the pain fighting and anti-inflammatory benefits of methyl salicylate. 

Imbue patches are perfect for fighting active pain, or when you're about to undertake an activity that causes back pain

The other patch we really like is Salonpas HOT

Salonpas HOT contains capsaicin, which is what gives hot peppers their heat. 

Applying a Salonpas HOT will result in a strong warming sensation on the skin. 

This is perfect for pain that responds to a heating pad. 

Here's a tip: If back pain is preventing you from sleeping, try a Salonpas HOT at bedtime. The soothing warmth will reduce the pain and also help you fall asleep faster. 

ProBack Back Support - We recently started carrying the ProBack, and the response has been great! 

Plus it's light enough that it can be worn under your clothes. So nobody will know you have one on!    

The ProBack should be worn under the shirt, not over it!

Unlike other back supports, the ProBack can target a specific area in your lower back. So if your pain is slightly off center, you can adjust and "point" the ProBack right where you need it. 

TENS - We're a bit surprised that back pain sufferers don't use TENS units more often. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.

So while the name is complicated, the idea is actually very simple. 

Basically, TENS units apply a small, short burst of electricity to the skin. This stimulates the muscles to relax, relieving pain. 

Many TENS units require a prescription. But we offer one that is perfect for home use

So there you have three back pain treatment options. None of these require a pain pill. 

So if you're taking a prescription or over-the-counter pain reliever, any of these three products will compliment your oral pain reliever. 

Better still, maybe these can help you reduce your ose of oral pain killers! Experiment a bit and see what works for you. 

If you really really have to pop a pill, but are worried about the dangerous side effects, try a Traumeel tablet.

Traumeel tablets are used all across Europe. In fact, many Olympic and professional athletes use Traumeel to treat soreness after exercise or training. 

So if you're suffering from back pain, consider some of these alternatives.

You just might find yourself living pain free!