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Arthritis Pain Relievers



There is a myth out there which sats that arthritis is only for "old people."

Not true.

In fact, there are many forms of arthritis which can affect both the young and the old.

The word arthritis simply means in inflammation in a joint, which in turn causes pain and reduced mobility.

There are a lot of terrific prescription drugs out there to treat arthritis. 

But many of them have serious side effects. 

Ask any physician, and they will tell you that maintaining joint movement is critical.

But how can you do this when it hurts?

Our suggestion?

Combine safe anti-inflammatories with safe pain relievers. 

Together, you will be able to increase your mobility, thereby increasing blood flow in the joint. 

This, in turn, will reduce inflammation and reduce pain symptoms. 



The best thing about Wobenzym PS is that it has a 60+ year history of use in Europe. 

In fact, it's usually the first thing doctors recommend for their arthritis patients. 

Now available in the US, Wobenzym PS is rapidly becoming the #1 choice for physicians who want to really help their arthritis patients without resorting to dangerous prescription drugs. 

Check out our video for a special offer!

Traumeel pain relief tablets from WisdomAndHealth

When we have pain, we reach for a Traumeel first.  


Because Traumeel is a safe, all natural pain reliever that's clinically proven to work just as well as certain prescription pain relievers.

And, it's safe enough to be used by both Adults and Children. 



Reliaderm is our #1 selling pain relieving roll on. 

And why not?

It has more pain relieving power than any other roll on available today. 

Plus, as a roll on, you only apply as little as you need, so it's very economical. 



 TheraTherm point heating pads from WisdomAndHealth


Heating pads are a great way to provide quick pain relief, especially when arthritis pain flares, or when you're waiting for your pain reliever to start working. 

The problem with conventional heating pads is that they can quickly dry and irritate the skin. 

A moist heating pad like our TheraTherm avoids this problem. 

And, you get the added benefit of a moist heat, which penetrates skin and muscle far better than dry heat.