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Aids to Daily Living

Aids for Daily Living (ADLs) is a collection of tools and devices to help with our daily living routines. 

Just about anyone can benefit from an ADL. 

  • Button Aid/Zipper Pull

    Button Aid/Zipper Pull
    $7.99 $6.99

    Ideal for those with limited hand dexterity or use of only one hand. This Button Aid/Zipper Pull works by passing the loop through button hole, over the button and pulling the button through the loop. This is constructed...

  • DMI DuroLift Seat Assist, 200-340 lbs.

    DuroLift Seat Assist, 200-340 lbs.
    $199.99 $189.95

    Having a little trouble getting out of your seat? This handy device can help! This Hydro-pneumatic lift actuator safely lifts up to 80% of body weight, so it's perfect for anyone suffering from back pain, or even...

  • Eye Drop Delivery Kit

    Eye Drop Delivery Kit

    Let's face it, folks.  If you have limited motion or strength in your hands, then instilling eye drops can be a real challenge.  Especially with those tiny 5 mL bottles! Simply drop the bottle into the kit,...

  • DMI Folding 32" Aluminum Reachers with Magnetic Tip

    Folding 32" Reacher with Magnetic Tip

    This is a 32-inch reacher, which is longer than many other reachers.  It comes with a very strong serrated jaw, so it's great to use for grabbing cans from the cupboard, or books from the shelf.  Plus, the...

  • HealthSmart Folding 26 inch Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip

    Folding Reacher + Magnetic Tip
    $15.99 $14.99

    This handy reacher folds flat and stores easily, so you can keep them just about anywhere. It comes with a slip-resistant, ergonomic contoured handle. And, as a bonus, the tip is magnetic!  That's perfect for picking...

  • Briggs Healthcare Food Trolley

    Food Trolley
    $119.99 $99.99

    This is a handy table! This food trolley is made from durable black steel and 3" caster swivel wheels. So it's light enough to go anywhere, but strong enough to last for years. The trays are made from dark oak, and they...