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Aids to Daily Living

Aids for Daily Living (ADLs) is a collection of tools and devices to help with our daily living routines. 

Just about anyone can benefit from an ADL. 

  • 3-in-1 Shopping Cart

    3-in-1 Shopping Cart
    $69.99 $53.95

    This is a handy idea. This product is a 3-in-1 shopping cart, folding chair and removable bag all in one handy place.  The nylon fabric easily wipes clean and repels water. This is great for shopping trips or...

  • Button Aid/Zipper Pull

    Button Aid/Zipper Pull
    $7.99 $6.99

    Ideal for those with limited hand dexterity or use of only one hand. This Button Aid/Zipper Pull works by passing the loop through button hole, over the button and pulling the button through the loop. This is constructed...

  • DMI DuroLift Seat Assist, 200-340 lbs.

    DuroLift Seat Assist, 200-340 lbs.
    $199.99 $189.95

    Having a little trouble getting out of your seat? This handy device can help! This Hydro-pneumatic lift actuator safely lifts up to 80% of body weight, so it's perfect for anyone suffering from back pain, or even...

  • HealthSmart Expandable Door Hinge, Black

    Expandable Door Hinge, Black
    $26.99 $24.95

    This expandable door hinge adds 2 inches to most doorway openings.  It's perfect for narrow doorways where you need to have a wheelchair passing through. They come in pairs, so you can replace your current hinges and...

  • HealthSmart Expandable Door Hinge, Satin Nickel.

    Expandable Door Hinge, Satin Nickel
    $26.99 $24.99

    Two inches may not sound like much to most folks.  But if you're in a wheelchair, struggling to get into or out of a room, then those two inches can make all the difference.  These hinges come in pairs, so you...

  • Eye Drop Delivery Kit

    Eye Drop Delivery Kit

    Let's face it, folks.  If you have limited motion or strength in your hands, then instilling eye drops can be a real challenge.  Especially with those tiny 5 mL bottles! Simply drop the bottle into the kit,...