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Can this single supplement reduce depression, help you sleep, and help you deal with the symptoms of fibromyalgia?


5HTP is an important precursor to our body's ability to product serotonin. 

The process is very simple..tryptophan (from our diet) is converted to 5-HTP, which is then converted to serotonin. 

So increasing our 5-HTP consumption will result in more serotonin in our bodies. 

But why would we want more serotonin in the first place? 

Good question. 

We'll give you a few scenarios where a 5-HTP supplement can be beneficial for your health. 

Natural Fibromyalgia Treatment

Fibromyalgia Syndrome (or FMS) is a very common, but poorly understood condition. 

FMS patients suffer from muscle pain, poor sleep, and fatigue. Many FMS patients also suffer from depression, anxiety, and "brain fog."

Different FMS patients can have a different mix of symptoms, but in general, fibromyalgia patients can be divided into two broad groups. 

Those patients with more of an FMS set of symptoms tend to have more of the muscle aches and pains, poor sleep, and fatigue. They may not have issues with depression or mood.

The other group of FMS patients can have issues related to their mood, such as depression. They may also experience fatigue, but may have less of an issue with chronic pain. 

Role of 5-HTP in Fibromyalgia

5-HTP is an excellent supplement for fibromyalgia. 


Because many of the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia can be linked to low levels of serotonin. So the way to counteract this is to take 5-HTP, which is converted by our bodies naturally to serotonin. 

In fact, fibromyalgia patients are known to have low levels of not only serotonin, but also tryptophan and 5-HTP. So having a single supplement to counteract this problem could be beneficial. 

Natural Anti-depressant

Did you ever wonder why doctors prescribe anti-depressants for fibromyalgia, even for patients who do not have an issue with depression?

Quite simply, certain anti-depressants block the body's ability to eliminate serotonin!

As a result, we have more serotonin in our circulation. 

But, anti-depressants are not without side effects. 

So a natural supplement like 5-HTP may be a better option for fibromyalgia patients, especially those who experience depression-like symptoms as part of their disease. 

Natural Sleep Aid

Many fibromyalgia patients can't sleep. 

Part of the reason is the pain caused by the disease. 

But also, low levels of serotonin can disrupt the circadian rhythms which help us sleep. 

Serotonin is also involved in helping us reach deep REM sleep, which is critical if we are to wake up feeling rested and refreshed. 

So a 5-HTP supplement can also help fibromyalgia sufferers sleep better, and also alleviate the "brain fog" which is so common with fibromyalgia sufferers. 

It can also help with sleep even if you are not dealing with fibromyalgia. 

What is a good 5-HTP Dose?

The recommended starting dose is 50 milligrams 30 minutes before bedtime. This is quite a low dose, but many patients will experience better sleep and less pain with this low dose. 

After a few weeks, if the symptoms have not improved, it is recommended that the dose be increased to 100 milligrams at bedtime. 

Continue to increase the dose every 2-3 weeks until a maximum of 300 milligrams is reached, or until symptoms improve. 

Can 5-HTP make me hyper?

Yes, it is possible that the initial doses will make you hyper and more alert, making it more difficult to fall asleep. This is perfectly normal. Just stick with it for a few weeks until your body gets used to it. 

What's in the bottle?

Each bottle contains 100 capsules of ultra-pure 5-HTP, at 50 milligrams per capsule. 

This 5-HTP is derived from the seeds of the Griffonia plant, which is the preferred natural source of 5-HTP. 

5-HTP Dose

Start with one capsule at bedtime for a few weeks. Then increase the dose slowly as needed, up to a maximum of 300 milligrams (6 capsules) per day. 

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