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Soft Goods

What are Soft Goods?

As the name suggests, Soft Goods consists of various pillows and cushions to help you sit and sleep better. 

They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, materials, uses, and prices. 

Not sure what you need? Ask us!

  • DMI Contoured Coccyx Cushion (513-7956-0200)

    Contoured Coccyx Cushion
    $28.99 $24.99

    Can be used as an all-purpose or coccyx cushion. Skid-resistant bottom helps hold cushion securely in place Removable, waterproof nylon oxford cover helps provide incontinence protection. Foam meets CAL #117 requirements...

  • Contoured Pillow Neck Support Cushion

    Contoured Neck Cushion

    Is your chiropractor nagging you about getting a good pillow for your neck? Or maybe you keep waking up with a stiff neck or neck pain? Don't suffer any more than you have to and grab one of these very economical contoured...

  • Convoluted Foam Chair Pad with Back, Blue

    Convoluted Foam Chair Pad
    $19.95 $14.95

    This cushion is NOT for wheelchairs only! The convoluted surface allows for better weight distribution and air circulation while seated for long periods of time. If you like our convoluted donut cushions, you'll love this...

  • Adjustable Back Support in chair

    Deluxe Adjustable Back Support
    $49.99 $36.99

    Don't you hate it when you buy a back support, only to find that it's not quite right?  Maybe it's too tall. Or too short.  How about trying this adjustable one instead! The lumbar support adjusts thanks to the...

  • Deluxe Swivel Seat, Ivory (513-1994-9911)

    Deluxe Swivel Seat

    Swivels 360 degrees for smooth, easy movement in either direction while seated. Comfortable foam padded cushion is ideal for getting in and out of vehicles. Great for use at home or office. Portable and lightweight. ...

  • DMI Duro-Gel Flotation Cushion, Fleece Cover, Cream, 16" x 18"

    DMI Duro-Gel Flotation Cushion, Fleece Cover, Cream, 16" x 18"
    $59.95 $46.98

    Want to float while you sit? The Duro-gel™ Flotation cushion helps you do just that! This cushion is filled with a low-viscosity, water-based gel, enclosed in a heat-sealed, heavy gauge, leak-proof vinyl pouch...