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ProOxy Acne Care


We're very pleased to offer you ProOxy, a complete, benzoyl peroxide-free approach to deal with acne quickly, cleanly, and successfully. 

What is ProOxy?

ProOxy is a complete acne treatment system with four steps:

Cleanser - The ProOxy cleanser is a new formulation that cleans your skin thoroughly, without oils, soaps, or perfumes. 

Facial Spray - The facial spray delivers a concentrated amount of oxygen to the face, protecting your face against the bacteria which cause acne. 

Moisturizer - Dry skin is a huge problem for patients with acne. Not anymore! The ProOxy moisturizer is an oil-free, fragrance-free, balanced moisturizer that compliments the other steps. 

Face Masque - Surf the web for awhile and you'll find many recipes for home made face masks for acne. Don't use these! They can be harmful, especially if they are contaminated with bacteria. Instead, use the ProOxy face masque twice a week to remove old, dead cells safely, cleanly. 

Do you want to get rid of acne forever?

Of course!

Then try our ProOxy acne treatment system, available for a limited time at a special price.