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WIsdomAndHealth Now Part of Authorize.Net Family

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WisdomAndHealth.com is pleased to announce that we are now part of the Authorize.net family.

Authorize.Net is a leading credit card processing company. 

Importantly, they have state of the card credit card encryption and processing features which makes our site more secure than ever. 

This means even better security when you shop with us...and lower costs for us.

Everybody wins!

5 Painful Conditions You Can Treat Immediately With Reliaderm

By now I'm sure you have heard about Reliaderm, the new pain reliever brought to you by WisdomAndHealth.comOver the past few weeks we have received many questions about Reliaderm, especially ones asking if it's good for this condition or that condition. We went through all of the email and compiled our answers to the most common questions [...]

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Reliaderm Pain Reliever: Our Experience After Two Weeks

We've been using Reliaderm for the past few weeks, and we'd like to share our experiences with you. Does Reliaderm work well?I'm lucky in that I don't suffer from chronic pain, like arthritis pain or osteoarthritis pain. However, I do have a lot of minor aches and pains, especially when I jog or perform strenuous yard work. Reliaderm has [...]

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Is This The Best Pain Relief Cream Ever Made?

Possibly... We're thrilled to offer (and use!) a new and quite powerful pain reliever... Reliaderm.  Reliaderm is a roll on cream that contains a powerful, natural blend of pain relievers you're probably already familiar with: Methyl Salicylate - From oil of wintergreen, "methyl sal" as it's known around here is a good anti-inflammatory, comparable to aspirin or prescription pain [...]

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Spring Is Here, And That Means...

...Pain!It's unfortunate, isn't it?Spring can be the most pleasant time of the year, when the winter cold is gradually replaced by warm breezes, blooming flowers, and quacking ducks in the pond. However, Spring can also be a difficult time for all of us. Why?Because many of us take advantage of the change in season to start exercise [...]

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The Food Babe Takedown

Don't let the good looks fool you...Earlier this week, a scathing takedown of the "Food Babe" was published in Gawker. Here is the link to the original article. (Warning: Adult language used in the article)The hist of the article is that the "Food Babe" has created a massive online following.Her "shtick" is to help her followers [...]

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Can Ice Cream Cause Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

OK, so we all know that eating too much ice cream can cause weight gain. We also know that eating too much ice cream and other sugary foods can, over years, cause diabetes. But this is new...ice cream causing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)?Let's explain...first, with a little anatomy lesson. Our intestinal tracts are loaded with bacteria. These bacteria play a [...]

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Curcumin for Ulcerative Colitis: More Clinical Data

Three recent studies add more evidence that curcumin can be a great addition in your fight against ulcerative colitis. What is Ulcerative Colitis?Ulcerative colitis (UC) is an inflammation of the large intestine, usually in the colon. Sometimes also referred to as colitis, UC causes abdominal pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and other symptoms. A number of anti-inflammatory drugs [...]

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Think OUTSIDE the Pill Box

Remember, folks...when fighting pain and inflammation, dangerous prescription drugs are not the only answer.Now I know there are many snake oil salesmen out there trying to "guarantee" pain relief with this or that. But the reality is that there are very few safe, non-prescription products which can help with pain. Now much of what will and will [...]

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Crohn's Disease: Is Wobenzym A Good Option?

Does Wobenzym Work for Crohn's Disease?   Great question, and we must thank Alice in Newport Beach for emailing this question to us.  First, let's understand what is in Wobenzym, then we can address this question. We already have a lot of information on Wobenzym PS on our main site. But here is a summary. Wobenzym PS contains three ingredients: bromelain, [...]

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