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Curcumin Plus Mesalamine Better Than Mesalamine Alone for Ulcerative Colitis

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Can this root induce remission in ulcerative colitis?

The news regarding curcumin and ulcerative colitis just keeps getting better and better. 

In a  recent study, researchers found that patients with mile to moderate ulcerative colitis responded better to curcumin plus mesalamine versus mesalamine alone. 


Reading the report closely, a few key points emerge. 

Patients included in this study were already on mesalamine. 

So they were being treated for active disease, and their doctors were trying to induce remission with mesalamine. 

These patients were then divided into two groups. 

One group stayed on mesalamine, and added curcumin. The other group also stayed on mesalamine, but did not receive anything.

And the result?

Over 50% of patients taking curcumin and mesalamine achieved clinical remission. 

And the other group?

No patient in the other group (mesalamine alone) achieved clinical remission. 

Now let's think about this for a moment. 

These are patients who had active disease and who were already being treated with mesalamine

So the mesalamine alone was not enough to induce remission. 

But adding curcumin did induce remission in half of the patients. 

That is a great result, especially if you consider the options for these patients, like steroids or antibody injections. 

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Curcumin Side Effects and Dose for Ulcerative Colitis

Another thing that is quite interesting about this study is the curcumin dose they used.

These patients who were taking curcumin were on 3 grams per day. 

Three grams! That's three thousand milligrams per day, folks! 

Now even with that much curcumin, no side effects were noticed, which is great. 

But why so much?

We've talked about this issue before. 

Basically, curcumin does net get absorbed well by our systems. 

Much of the dose we take winds up unabsorbed and undigested, and gets passed right out in our stool. 

Ever wonder why curcumin turns still yellow? This is why.

But this is also why taking Longvida for ulcerative colitis (and Crohn's disease too, for that matter) makes so much sense. 

With the technology in  Longvida, you only need to take one or two capsules a day, since the absorption from Longvida is far better than those cheap curcumin supplements. 

And, since more is absorbed, less curcumin will wind up being passed out. So you're actually saving money in the process. 

Of course, we always recommend that you discuss this with your gastroenterologist. 

And if he or she has doubts, print out the report linked above and bring it with you to your next appointment, especially if you are restarting your mesalamine therapy to induce remission. 

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