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Is your uncomfortable office chair affecting your work?

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uncomfortable office chair

Do you have to spend all day in one of these chairs?

You have our sympathies.

You see, while most office chairs are adjustable, they are not the best chairs for your posture.


Because many office chairs, especially uncomfortable office chairs, are cheaply made.

They are designed to be manufactured and sold at a low price.

Now companies love this because they can supply workers with new chairs at affordable prices.

Meanwhile, chairs like this can rapidly degrade, making it more difficult for you to do your work.

How do office chairs become uncomfortable?

First, these cheap chairs are not meant to last forever.

They break down in a few key areas, especially the foam sections of the back and seat areas.

Now don't be fooled by fake leather chairs with thicker padding.

They simply have more cheap foam, and so they too will degrade over time.

This cheap foam will degrade because:

a) it will flatten and not recover from the weight you are applying to it, and

b) it will dry out.

Second, the adjustable parts (back, arms, height) rarely work smoothly on these chairs.

Some of the very expensive office chairs have very precise mechanisms in place so that you can make subtle adjustments on a regular basis, depending on your current weight, the outfit you are currently wearing, etc.

But cheap chairs simply don't have this.

Think of it this way.

Very expensive cars have electronic seat adjustments that allow you to very precisely adjust the seat.

A cheap car won't.

The same goes for a cheap office chair.

How do uncomfortable office chairs affect your work?

Bad office chairs affect your work in a few ways.

First, the discomfort causes distractions.

When you start feeling those little aches, or when parts of your arms or legs tingle from poor circulation due to the bad chair, you will be distracted from your work.

Even worse, you now have to spend time adjusting and readjusting the chair until it feels just right.

But...then the problem returns.

Second, as mentioned previously, cheap office chairs are adjustable, but their adjustability is limited.

So it's very possible that the most comfortable position for you is not possible.

Your best position may be "in between" positions...which is simply not good.

What can you do about that uncomfortable office chair?

First, don't bother requesting a new one.

You'll just have the same problems all over again.

Second, since the major problem with these seats involves the foam, get your self two cushions.

The first, and perhaps most important cushion, is a seat cushion.

The seat foam is typically the area where a cheap office chair will lose its shape the quickest.

So a good seat cushion is the smartest thing you can do to counteract the cheap foam in the office chair.

But don't skimp and get a cheap one!

Cheap seat cushions will eventually have the same problems as the foam in the office chair.

Here are a few suggestions:

Pincore Cushion - These cushions were originally developed for folks who are constrained to sitting in a wheelchair.

But they are not for wheelchairs only!

Anyone who sits in a chair for hours on end can benefit from these.

The pincore latex is great because it recovers quickly when you get out of the chair.

And it retains its shape for years.

Gel Foam Cushion - Gel foam cushions combine good foam with a gel. So it's even more comfortable than foam alone.

Plus, if you're concerned about latex, a gel foam cushion is perfect because it's latex free.

Gel Flotation Cushion - These cushions have gel only (no foam). Again, this is a great choice.

Second, get a good back lumbar support for the chair.

Now I know many office chairs have back supports.

But many of them are terrible!

They can't be adjusted well, and they also degrade over time.

Here are a few options to consider:

Air Adjust Lumbar Support - This one is one of our favorites.

The support has an air pocket inside which you can fill or empty as you wish.

So it's totally adjustable.

Better still, it's very easy to adjust.

So you can adjust it every day if you want.

Deluxe Adjustable Back Support - This is another good one.

The lumbar support is a separate piece that you can move and adjust up or down as you wish.

Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion - Like the memory foam in pillows, these memory foam lumbar cushions adjust to your contours.

So it adjusts to you while you sit.

Some folks don't like memory foam because it can get a bit warm, and it can take a minute to readjust if you shift around in your chair.

There you have it...

Well, we hope these suggestions are helpful.

Remember, you don't have to live with that cheap, uncomfortable office chair.

Take your personal comfort into your own hands.

Grab a seat and back cushion and start working better...today!

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