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Think OUTSIDE the Pill Box

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Remember, folks...when fighting pain and inflammation, dangerous prescription drugs are not the only answer.

Now I know there are many snake oil salesmen out there trying to "guarantee" pain relief with this or that. 

But the reality is that there are very few safe, non-prescription products which can help with pain. 

Now much of what will and will not work depends on the type of pain and the location of the pain. 

For example, lower back pain may respond to a good lower back support, such as our ProBack

Fighting chance inflammation and pain in the knee or other joint? Try Wobenzym PS or Longvida RD

Have sore calves after running? Rub them down with Cryoderm Heat or Old Goat

So before popping cheap, dangerous pills...explore your options a bit more. 

You might find safer ways to deal with your pain!

Crohn's Disease: Is Wobenzym A Good Option?

Does Wobenzym Work for Crohn's Disease?   Great question, and we must thank Alice in Newport Beach for emailing this question to us.  First, let's understand what is in Wobenzym, then we can address this question. We already have a lot of information on Wobenzym PS on our main site. But here is a summary. Wobenzym PS contains three ingredients: bromelain, [...]

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Curcumin for Sciatica and Sciatic Pain?

Here's a great question from a customer: I noticed on your web site you have different options for sciatica.  What about curcumin? It's for inflammation. Will it work for sciatica, since that's inflammatory as well? Great question. Curcumin (or turmeric) is a fantastic, all-natural anti-inflammatory. For chronic inflammation conditions, like arthritis, osteoarthritis, and bursitis, regular curcumin supplements are a [...]

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She's Back...

Yup. The ProBack is back!The ProBack is our favorite back brace. Why?First, it works incredibly well. The key is the design applies pressure to the lower back from both the back and the front. So rather than simply pushing you from behind, so to speak, the ProBack helps balance your lower back and core muscles, relieving pain in the process. Second, [...]

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Top Questions of 2014

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Introducing Our New Rewards Program

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Rampant Inappropriate Use of ADHD Drugs

This is getting crazy:An “alarming” number of pre-school children are being prescribed drugs to treat hyperactivity – contrary to medical guidelines that say they should not be used on children under six – because overstretched health workers go straight to medication rather than offering psychological interventions.Wow. We've said this before...ADHD can be treated with a combination [...]

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How To Wash Your Chiroflow Water Pillow

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Can a donut pillow help my sciatica?

Boy we get this question a lot!We've talked about pain relievers such as BioFreeze in sciatica. Our answer back then was:Now as anyone with sciatica will tell you, sciatic pain can be far from minor. However, ice is certainly one of the ways we recommend to treat sciatic pain. So in that sense, BioFreeze may [...]

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Three Business Benefits From Running

Several years ago, I started running. Actually, it was more like fast walking. I would not call that running by any means. But, at that time, I was experiencing quite a bit of back pain, and my lipids levels were creeping upwards. As my doctor suggested weight loss and exercise as a first course of therapy, I [...]

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