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Spring Is Here, And That Means...

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It's unfortunate, isn't it?

Spring can be the most pleasant time of the year, when the winter cold is gradually replaced by warm breezes, blooming flowers, and quacking ducks in the pond. 

However, Spring can also be a difficult time for all of us. 


Because many of us take advantage of the change in season to start exercise and other activities which cause....pain. 

In this article, we review some of the most common areas where we experience pain, their causes, and what to do about it. 

Back Pain 

Millions of Americans experience some form of low back pain. 

Now this is not news, but Springtime triggers a number of activities which can trigger or worsen lower back pain. Things like:

  • Yard work
  • Restarting outdoor sports or exercises, like golf or gardening
  • Helping your buddy move

And so on. 

We think the most logical thing to do is to start slowly, and consider wearing a back brace for activities where your back is suddenly called to action. 

We like the Proback back brace because it is very light, and it has a unique design which works incredibly well for preventing and treating lower back pain. 

You should also consider back pain patches like Imbue. They work great, and they don't come with the dangerous side effects you see with over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen. 

Foot, Knee, Shin Pain

If you run or jog regularly, you know that foot, knee, and shin pain are very common. And now that Spring has started and we're running outdoors more often, then it is likely that pain in these three areas will return. 

Stretching is always a great idea before and after running outdoors. In fact, pain in the foot can be a result of improper or poor stretching of the muscles in the calf. 

We have found that compression sleeves for the calf and the knee are a good way to prevent pain by providing support and warmth to those areas. 

For pain relief after running, skip the pills and go with a good pain relieving rub, like BioFreeze or Rock Sauce

Chronic Pain

What if the pain is more chronic? 

That is, it's always there at a low level, but increases significantly upon exercise?

Then it may be time to consider taking a daily anti-inflammatory. 

But not ibuprofen! That's not safe for daily use (just read the label and you'll see why). 

Instead, we recommend natural products which reduce pain and inflammation, like Longvida RD or Wobenzym PS.  

Both of these products can be taken daily, and are both safe and work great. 

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